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Once upon a time two amateur photographers Ann and Robert set out on a trip to magnificent world of photo shooting. They were young and full of new emotions; they wanted to make people discover new things or look at common ones from a different angle of view. Thus, AnRo Studio was born in 2014. AnRo Studio website presents an inspirational mixture of photos and videos made by two connoisseurs of photo art. Our photographers will dare to find the meaning of life through the camera lens. They are brave and innovative, not afraid of experiments and challenges. Search through Photos and Videos menu to watch pictures and videos, let us know your opinion. Do not forget that our products can be purchased in the webshop. However, be careful, since all photos and videos are protected by copyright and will come watermarked; all rights to the use thereof are reserved to the Studio.


The AnRo Studio has different activities like:


• photographing;

• design and engineering;

• creating posters, wallpapers, collages;

• calendar editing;

• video making and editing;

• general and technical translation in Ukrainian-Russian-English languages and etc.


References of the AnRo Studio can be found in the AnRoWorld.






Who ever dares to advertise yourself? Indeed, only very self-confident people. Ann is also a self-confident person she has the potential to be successful in her endeavors. She is smart and a quick learner who can absorb new ideas and can communicate clearly with people from all social and professional backgrounds. She has a Master’s Degree (Specialist) in Translation of English and German Languages along with seven years of experience working as a translator. Ann is a photographer and by nature a visual person. Photography has always been a passion in her life. Moreover, she cannot imagine her life without film making. In her childhood she had a dream of becoming a film director. AnRo Studio makes her dreams come true. She is a director, photographer and translator.





A person who inspires AnRo Studio is Robert. He is one of the most remarkable leaders in this system. A very talented engineer with a Master’s Degree and PhD in Mechanical Engineer and Computational Mechanics who makes people believe that everything around us is extraordinarily beautiful. Robert is a magician in photography; he looks at life through his camera with poetic ideas. He sees virtual reality as the continuation of his exploration of the unknown. His message is rather simple; he designs his life around his values and passions. His career choice reflects his life-long passions and interests. A designer, photographer and technical director at the AnRo Studio is not afraid of challenges; he embraces his challenges with open arms.







Robert Beleznai, Technical Director
Ann Romanenko, Director
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