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Virtual Gallery of AnRo Studio



The Virtual Gallery of AnRoStudio is a Virtual Exhibition Room where people can walk and see selected photos as well as watch a video. The aim of the Gallery is to provide a geographically independent spacelike virtual showroom, which is available worldwide for anybody. The wonderful view of the gallery can be seen in 3D using Cardboard, the user can walk and look around, activate video play function while looking at the control buttons. The gallery contains five rooms according to different topics of the photos: Introduction room of theAnRoStudio, Video Room with photos of cities, Squirrels’ Room, Room about Spring and Summer and, finally, the Room for Autumn and Winter. Such presentation of photos, videos or any other fine arts can bring the culture and art closer to more people. All photos are made by Ann, photographer from the AnRoStudio. The photos and the video are protected by copyright.




Look controlled motion

Look down to the START/STOP sign and then look straight - the character will start walking in the direction where you look or stop.


Visibility control for HUD

Look at the buttons (HUD ON and HUD OFF) to switch on/off the HUD (Head-Up Display). HUD switches off after 10 sec automatically.


Play control for Video Player

Look the control buttons under the screen to start playing or pause the video.


You can download the Application to your mobile phone from Google Play Store










Thank you for coming and watching! Have a nice time!


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